Somebody Loves Me

"I wonder who
I wonder who she can be"

I know who it is... It's Marjorie!

she has nominated me for the rockin girl blogger award and it just made my day!

so now i get to nominate 5 others for the honor. She was already nominated so scratch her off my list and she nominated the lovely Mae Jane, so she's off too, so it will be...

First of all my amazing, lovely, talented, oh so fun, artist cousin-in-law Diane

Next it will be Tiff aka Dottie Angel because she is so fun to read and let's her gnome post on her blog too, and carries around an amazing shopper basket

Next is good ol' Ashley G! She is wonderful and so nice when you comment on her blog and when you get your husband a birthday present from her she sends you a post card too (and it just happened to be my favorite thing in her shop at the moment)

This one' going to have to be a tie because i love them both so much. They both make me desperately want to enroll in the nearest arts and craft college and major in fiber arts. oh so very much.
~ Meshell does amazing things with fiber, has some wonderfully motivating list of things she's going to accomplish over the next months, and has such an eye for beautiful things. especially check out this beautiful post about her recent show/exam at her university.
~ Liz is a research student in Kobe Japan, which makes me jealous, and she's spinning, weaving, felting, and shopping for amazing craft books while she is there, which also makes me jealous. Jealous because i'm drooling over all the pictures of gorgeous fiber things and books, and jealous because my good friend is living in Japan for the next 2 years and i miss her.

Which bring me to rockin girl number 5, ALINA!!!! This girl is freakin amazing. She is an wonderful artist, has an incredible voice, is one of the most funny, real, genunine, giving little sparks of light i have ever met. Her poetry is amazing too. :) I'm glad she is my friend and that i will get to see hor for a bit while she is visiting this month. Then she will fly back to her tower in tokyo and all her little minion students for 2 more years.


  1. Diane7:57 PM

    Tee-hee-hee! I feel so honored ;)

  2. Marjorie4:20 AM

    Oh! Dean Martin for a lovely Friday morning! :) I'm so glad I popped in this morning and got to see all the amazing blogs you nominated!! :) YEAY! Happy friday!

  3. Hi!!! I love your blog you rockin' chic!!! ;)



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