my definition of cleaning the house...

is to take apart a room and then reconstruct it in a neat and orderly manner, but in the process making the house look worse than it did before.

as you can see everything seems to be in a state of almost clean, almost organized, almost put away, almost calm and orderly... I am not, nor have i ever been good at keeping things clean. i get too distracted by people or projects or creating things. but i do really like my house to be clean.
it's not really gross dirty mind you, just clutter, and the occasional dustbunny colony or compound or urban bunny sprawl... So when i clean, i cleeeeaaaan. I mean i dump out drawers and re organize a-la Raphaël and Amandine Poulain. truly. I pull out furniture and sweep, i dust everything, i find great ways to organize and sort things. i loooooooooove sorting! I think it must be some sort of mental thing, but i really really love it. it's calming and makes me feel über productive all at the same time.
Oh give me a cupboard to clean out and rearrange and i'm all giddy. It's weird.

Then after every surface is clean and dust free and wiped down i put everything in it's proper place and am able to keep it that way for sometimes 2-3 weeks! then it starts getting cluttered again and i get overwhelmed and can't seem to get the focus and vision for how to tackle it all.

I've been like this since i was little. My big grandma (her status as the great grandmother not her size) would ask me to go clean my room and i would sob "I can't... it's too much" I was so overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the mess i would almost have a little 4 year old anxiety attack. Then she would say something like "before snack will you go put away your books?" and happily i'd run off and books would be clean in no time. then after snack she'd say maybe "you can go out side but make sure all your dolls are in their box" and again all done and out i'd go. the room would be clean by the time i went to bed like magic. Not perfect mind you, i was only little, but clean for a child who did it all on her own, clean enough.

We have a serious lack of storage and shelving in this flat and now that ikea is open we have a good handle on that issue. And to be honest that has been a lot of our problem in keeping things picked up. So I have been a cleaning demon since last monday putting away all the leftovers from the craft bazaar, sorting out all my crafts and art supplies, folding material, sweeping, wiping things down, grouping projects together... you get the picture. and now my goal for the rest of the year is to be my own big grandma monitor. Get the place clean and keep it that way.

I actually have places to put all our stuff now. places to store, boxes to store in, space to work, organizers in the cupboards in the kitchen making things accessible... and now just to give my self a schedule to keep it in fairly good shape.

I've never been very good at being able to sweep a floor and pick a pile and say, there all clean. I see the million other little tiny things that need to get done and get all freaky about making it perfect. so perfect it looks as if no one has ever touched anything so nothing is out of place, freaky. But i really want to try and relax about it. Maybe that will make it easier to keep clean if i can mentally let go of this idea that if it's not perfect it's a disaster.

Well we'll see... maybe i'll go find some dolls to put in their box now...


  1. Diane8:15 PM

    Haha... you so remind me of me. I do pretty much everything the way you described it... I hope you enjoy your house while it's clean! :)dia

  2. Ditto what Diane said! Enjoy it :)

  3. Mae Jane5:34 PM

    i'm not very good at keeping the home perfect and tidy all the time either. i do a weekly cleaning every friday before our friend's come over for the evening; i think they're the only reason i do clean haha. and like you guys my messes are only clutter, i'm such a lazy gal :}w

  4. Haa haa!! i fully enjoyed that and laughed the whole way through. you're so funny! i LOVE the new shelf thing inbetween the craft room and living room! awesome!!! i still haven't gone to IKEA yet. i think that should be my next date with Matt, who i NEED to bring him over so you guys can meet his wonderfulness! :) miss you

  5. Marjorie9:29 AM

    Oh! oh! I love your little red chair and the blue cabinet! Lovely! :)

  6. Yep. I get ya Trina! I love to go in and reorganize so that it looks fully clean and feels like I did the most complete job. It may not be the most productive way, but their is this great process of being creative in the midst of it! :)
    Keep it Clean!

  7. That was like reading a description of my attitude to cleaning :)

    For me it's either all or nothing - everything has to be totally sorted and clean (including inside all wardrobes, cupboards, drawers etc) or a complete mess. I don't understand people who are happy with just cleaning the visible, though they tend to have a more consistently tidy place than me!

  8. Love the open bookcase

  9. wow! i use to think i was crazy, but you've just described me! i don't have an inbetween...i'm always in one extreme or the other...either really really neat ('Sleeping with the Enemy' neat as my hubby would call it) or way overwhelmed with my own mess. eheh



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