the sound of silence

sorry things have been so quiet around. it's been a weird couple of weeks. My 14 year old little sister came and spent 2 weeks with us. it was so much fun and we all wished it could be longer. Oh yes, and i dyed my hair back to black and brown. Soooooo much better.

Also Dave's grandma died. He wasn't close to her at all. Not too many in the world were i think. It was a strange good week and a good funeral. She was a funny little spunky thing, not the best mom growing up for the family, but a sweetie in her core and that really got to come out beautifully later in life for her. There were tears and happiness that now, in heaven, she doesn't have all the burden of a mind that never seemed to be in the best working order and a body that was hurting and dying and she now gets to be the Leona that she was meant to be, all whole and perfect and lovely and sweet and full of spunk. See you in heaven little one!

I have also been busy with crafting for our upcoming Handmade Bazaar. I'll have pictures up later today. But for now here is a thank you to my first customer! We sent your package today Erin! So excited for you to receive it.


  1. Mae Jane1:05 PM

    your hair looks wonderful! i love it :) and congrats on the sale! and i'm sorry for the loss <3 take care you two!

  2. hey patrina! glad to hear your time with the sis was fun! and LOVE the hair! :)

  3. You and your new hair are very pretty :)



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