it's too hot

there is a reason i live in the northwest, well many reasons but one major one is that it is not supposed to get hot in the valley! NO! it is not supposed to get 100 for days in a row, it's not even supposed to get to 100 for one day. it's icky and i don't like it. bluh. hence the silence on the blogs. heat makes me have a constant headache and get all lethargic and bluh. :( but it's cooler now and i foresee some catching up beginning to creep it's way from my brain to my fingers to my blog soon. and pictures too. i really am not a wordy blogger normally. now and again when there is something really passionate i need to get out of my head but for the most part i am very visual and i like pictures.

So i'm going to go lay in my bed now with the air conditioner on and the fan pointed at me. we have a small air conditioner in our bedroom so we can at least sleep. I think i will write some more tomorrow. good night.

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  1. oh man!! i agree.... dude.. i have barely have known its hot, cuz i have stayed inside, with the windows shut, in front of my fan.. i love that you know what im talkin about!! good to hear from you girl.. LOVE YOU



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