ch-ch-ch-ch-changes- part two

ok. so the last post was horrendously long, i know. and also i didn't post this on the same day like i said i would. It's really hard for me to present things when they aren't perfect or finished so i have been stalling.

so now i will sum up.

older blog posts= more serious, spiritual, ponderous

newer blog posts= more artistic, fun, light, crafty

faith= complex, ever growing, and shy to put a label on

my life= ever changing and loving what it is
me and dave and our artistic endeavors= actually trying them and placing them in the world

This brings me to the not very long alluded surprise...

Me and a friend are starting our own little craft business!

It is called Doormouse Designs

we have a now empty etsy shop, that will be full before July 29th. still in process of making and photographing a few items. Fine it here... Doormouse on Etsy

and we have a blog just for our craft and art. Find it here... Doormouse Blog

And we will be selling at our first craft bazaar on July 29th. the Handmade Bazaar in portland oregon!!! YAY!

The bazaar is Sunday, July 29th,
12 noon - 5 pm
at AudioCinema
226 SE Madison Street
Portland, Oregon

If you are in the area and in town please come. we are both so very excited and a little nervous.

So this means that i will be posting all my craftiness and my art and fun on the Doormouse blog and here will be the more personal and serious things. There will still be some fun too, don't worry, but it will be more for me and dave and life stuff and less for craft and business stuff.

last sum up

somebody's little weasel= me and dave and life and love and why

doormouse=craft and art and fun and pretty

doormouse shop= buy fun things


  1. I'm so proud of you and so excited to be your husband. Thanks for being an inspiring person. I love you.

  2. Laney4:41 PM

    Aww. how sweet a message from your husband...what a nice guy. Congrats on the Etsy shop. See you there ;).

  3. Mae Jane1:08 PM

    i love the shop! such cute little creations! i know how it is to have a few blogs going at once haha, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing sometimes. i have my site, vox, lj, and another project one i'm working on currently. i think i'm addicted to the blogosphere hehe.



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