last night was a great big crafting extravaganza for me and my minions. Me and theresa and our crafting minions (dave and linda, whom we were going to call our craft bitches, but thought minions more fitting) spent hours making pendants and fabric flowers and pin cushions and laughing. lots of random outbursts, DRIPPING! Oh No the Pendants! go here and read about those follies. :)

a little later on in the evening, and few cups of coffee in our systems, we tromped across the "u" to theresa's place to get some copies and such. there more laughter ensued as linda looking at this fabric we are making pins out of starts reading the names of the little goldfish.

Linda is looking at it and reading the names out loud when she gets to bjorn. instead of pronouncing the j like a y (byorn) she pronounces it hard like the j in jelly, Buh-J-orne, but with a question-y tone at the end, bubbles, robert, goldie, Buh-J-orne?... which at once sets us all laughing out of control. we then decide we should also start referring to sufjan stevens as soof-john stevens and that linda should have goldfish and name them soof-john and buh-j-orne!

then... i keep giggling because all i can think of every time she says buh-j-orne with such flare, is a clip from a movie or tv show i've seen somewhere with a little girl running through a room full of grownups chanting "i have a bagina, i have a bagina!" now that she has learned the proper name for her womanly parts. :) so now linda is up to three imaginary fish, soof-john, buh-j-orne, and bagina!

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