This surprise is taking too long

It really is. I am impatient and can't get the surprise ready fast enough! Grrr, Arrgg! Well here is what became of some of those handkerchiefs... something to tide you over. i'm making two more so all the windows in my studio will have pretty curtains.

I also saw this on the Craftzine blog and it's my next home project i have decided.

As long as we put the current ugly chandelier back someday when we move the managers said it was fine if we had them switched. We can get on old chandelier at the rebuilding center over in NE for less than $10 and i already have more spray paint than i need. I need to go over there anyway and look for a garden hose. A friend of ours said he's recently seen them there for about $1! my flowers will love me. :)

I also have painting the cupboard and drawer pulls on my hit list. they all have big glops of eggshell paint form the fantastic job the apartment painters did before we moved in here so i think having them uniformly painted is a step up. And there is still the box of picture frames to finish...

And so tomorrow will be painting extravaganza! Drawer pulls, picture frames, maybe a chandelier... who knows what else will fall victim to my sprayer! Waa haa haa!

But all this is not even related to the things i am really dying to show you all but can't because i'm a perfectionist and it's not nearly close enough to perfect to show you yet so these trivial things will have to do. (Whew!)

maybe next week i'll have something of substance to show you.... I hope. :)

good night all!


  1. you make me laugh trina...i love that you couldn't wait any longer to how the curtains! :)

    as you can guess..i'm LOVIN it down here in the sun! lots of time outside and swimming at the pool! i don't know if i told you that i think i'll be moving on tuesday. it's kinda lame to just get back and move but i think it'll work best since i have two days off after that to get settled. oh...and i just realized i forgot to leave rent before i left, so i'll get that to you as soon as i'm back. LOVE YOU ~cheryl

  2. i love what you did with the handkerchiefs! it's very cozy and inviting, especially with a summer breeze :)

  3. h cheryl, it's not the curtains that is the surprise. :) It's much better i think.

  4. marjorie10:48 AM

    Looking lovely! Thanks so much for your comment with the link! : )



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