Such a big day

did you know how very important June 9th is? I had no idea till i received an e-mail from my little sister informing me that June 9th is Jonny Depp's birthday. Can you believe it? Truly. So i wondered, if such a great and wondrous man was born on this day, what other illustrious birthdays happened in history on said date. here is what i found.

So if you are wanting to wish Johnny Depp a happy birthday you can go here or there. I'm sure he'll read them all.


  1. Diane Feucht1:07 AM

    June 9th should be a national holiday! (Matt Bellamy is one of my three favorite lead singers...up there with Ben Gibbard and Sufjan Stevens)

    Hope you don't mind me dropping in your site... it was nice meeting you a few weeks ago, and it seems as though we have much in common. Have a wonderful week!

  2. my fair love johnny depp, peter the great, and the best of all YOU share the same birthday! she is right... it should be a national holiday! i love you much my dear! and if you feel it necessary, i have a peter the great shot glass from st. petersburg if you want to use it sometime!

  3. Natalea12:33 PM

    Happy Belated B-day! Just found your site! My stepfather's birthday is the 9th too. Anyway, love your blog and i must say that you and your husband seem like the sweetest match made in heaven! natalea

  4. In searching for cole porter's pictures, I 've found your blog. It's so charming.
    Sincerely, Sylvie

  5. thank you so much sylvie!



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