List two

Inspired by this, and since i'm having a horrible day overall (our little girl cat might have cysts in her abdomen. i'm taking her to the vet tomorrow afternoon so until then my heart is in my tummy) , here is my list, hopefully ever growing, of the things in life i'm grateful for. These things are essential to remember when having days like this. sorry for the lack of pictures. i don't like to have text laden blogs but today i wasn't feeling the picture bug. maybe i'll add some later.

* my husband who covers me with all the love he can, which is a great amount. words can't explain the love we share to any degree.

*the person i was created to be. I'm leaning who this girl is and i like her a whole lot. to settle down into the person you were made to be is an amazing freeing and peaceful place to be.

* the friends in my life. who give me strength, and give me courage, and believe in me, and help me to believe i actually have something to contribute and to laugh with all the while. Alina, Niki, Kendra, Drew and Suzanne, Theresa, Linda, Alesha, Erika... (man i feel like i'm giving some sort of acceptance speech)

*my relationship with God. to be known and to know and to always feel loved and cared for and safe. to know that this is not all there is and that it's meaningful and right to care for people and be kind and loving.

*my home. i have never lived in one place for so long, outside of living with my grandma's till i was 6, and it's a weird thing for me. but after 3 years i'm starting to let my self settle down and i'm liking it a lot.

*my cats. i don't know why their attention and adoring looks from their little grey faces fills me so, but it does. :)

*my ability to express creatively. to have the space and support from my husband (and his paycheck) to stay at home and create. to be believed in and encouraged to try and see what comes of all my creating.

* Theresa and Alina. these girls encourage me so much. One is my partner in fledgling craftiness, the other in coffee shop dreams. Our talks and creative sessions never cease to motivate me when i'd doubting the dreams and ready to give up.

* sofie- our cute car

* my gardens. flower, herb, and veggie. they are beautiful and i'm finding that having these and working on keeping them growing and alive is motivating me to be diligent in other ares of my life, especially house work which can be so overwhelming and daunting. I'm not sure why it is but it's working and i am happier for it.

* the ocean, the forest, large cities. my favorite places to be

* goodwill. i love treasure hunting. finding something that is just perfect for a friend or myself is so happy.

* music, art poetry

* good good food

* cooking and baking. it's fun and stress relieving for me

* grey cool days

* sunny cool days

* autumn

* snow

* cartoons

* my year in lithuania. i'm a totally different person because of that year

* slutty red nail polish on my toes

* fresh warm ciabatta rolls from new seasons

* fresh berries

* the crackly way old records sound

* the fake church bells from the catholic church down the street

* my heavy heart, cause at least i'm feeling. good or bad i'm grateful i feel things so deeply.


  1. Mae Jane12:23 PM

    that's a great list, and i'm glad everything is okay with the kitty :)

  2. Tis such a booster to the spirit when you focus on the wonderful things in life that you have! You have so many! You are a wonderful blessing in my life!



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