List one

so i have seen this list floating around the blogs lately and ashley g. put one up here and i decided to follow suit. seemed interesting enough. so here is my random fact list.

1) i twiddle my thumbs when i'm spacing out or really anytime I'm sitting quietly

2) i say pello instead of pillow, oways instead of always and melk instead of milk. As in i oways have a glass of melk before my head hits the pellow. :)

3) when i'm really thinking hard about something i push the very end tip of my nose repeatedly. there is this little dent thing in the very center if you push on it just right.

4) I really don't like girly movies. I feel emotionally manipulated and hate that. the only exception are jane eyre/pride and prejudice type movies. I'm all over those.

5) I prefer and feel more at ease in a place where I don't speak the language or the culture than i do in the middle of a group of americans.

6) When i was little my grandma would ask me to clean my room and i would sob that i couldn't do it. but if she gave me one task at a time, i'd clean no problem. the same goes now when trying to clean my apartment and giving my self tasks. :)

7) i hate hate hate toes. i don't like feet in general but toes really creep me out. they really can't touch me at all and no one should ever touch mine.

8) I name everything. I still believe, in a deep small part of my heart, that inanimate objects have feelings so i have to pat my piggy bank named lily every now and again so she knows i haven't forgotten her and the teddy on the couch needs a hug sometimes and my car named sofie needs a hello whenever i pass her. and if feel i have neglected something too long i feel sad and guilty and like i need to give it extra love. no lie. really and truly.

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