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Teagan hunting the tape measure

it's been far too long since i have posted any of my creative things on here. I was looking through my post the other day and was not happy with the lack of projects. so to remedy, here are some of the recent ones.

handkerchiefs i'm making into curtains for my studio

bunny ball i made from a 70's craft magazine for a stuffie swap i was in

tiny pin cushion

teeny tiny gnome. he and the others i am making will go on pins and hair clips

i do have some very exciting news but that will have wait a few more days till all is ready to share. but it is coming. promise!


  1. hahaha the bunny ball is soooo adorable!!! He makes me laugh. :)

  2. You are the idea queen. If I ever feel that there are no ideas in my head I am coming to you. I LOVE the idea of handkerchiefs into curtains. Beautiful!

  3. I've enjoyed all your delightful treasures :)

  4. Mae Jane6:04 AM

    aww the bunny ball is too cute! and gnomes definitely rule :)

  5. I get great thrills in seeing the uniquely creative things you come up! I look forward to seeing your surprise coming soon : )



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