Birthday Aftermath

So my birthday was saturday and today, tuesday, we have finally throughly cleaned the kitchen. It wasn't so much dirty, we actually cooked out at dave's parent's house, as it was cluttered with all the bags of dishes and ingredients we packed back and forth between their house and our flat.

All the ingredients for a devil's food cake, red velvet cupcakes, 2 kinds of pasta and 3 kinds of sauces, polenta, salad and an antipasto plate. And of course i had to bring all my own fun vintage serving wear cause I only ever use it on my birthday and new year's eve. Dave wrote a blog all about the party with lots of pictures so you really should go over there and look.

so we just avoided the kitchen till today.

So this week we cleaned the living room, picked up piles, i cleaned the bathroom today, did some laundry, anything to avoid the kitchen.

But this evening we just did it. and i think something about cleaning the bathroom must have motivated me or something cause while dave did the dishes i swept, sprayed oven cleaner in the oven, scoured the stove top, wiped down counters, bleached out the sink when the dishes were done, took out recycling and garbage, searched the house for random cups and bowls, cleaned the kitchen window... It was hard to stop.

But i guess i'm always like this. I get so overwhelmed with cleaning that i don't do it till i snap and do it all and just can't stop cleaning. I'm so excited to get up in the morning and wipe out the oven and tackle the microwave. I think i have a disease, really.

Oh yes, and i had my hair dyed this week. Blond. really different from dark brown and black. Quite the shock for me. And on top of it for the first 3 days my hair was about the color of an apricot. No joke. I had a big ol' apricot for a head. It has tamed down a ton and I'm ok with keeping it for a little while. I always wanted to try blond as i have been every other color, red, brown, black, combinations of those colors, brown with fire engine red streaks... but never blond. I think i may have liked it better if it were more pale sunny blond, rather than strawberry blond. I think this color washed me out and brings out red in my skin tone. But it's not too horrible and it is fun and different and it's only hair and next month i can always go back to browns. which i will as soon as i can actually.

In crafty news, i actually have been working on a few things and hope to take pictures this week to show off.

Goodnight all.

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  1. Hope you had a delightful birthday! :)



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