sunny spring day

so random oregon weather has hit this week and we have two days of upper 70's. so that has called for open windows and cheery cleaning and cheerier lunches. today i had soft boiled eggs and toast and a mug of milk. sadly one egg did not make it. i cracked the top and saw that it was not quite cooked enough so i thought putting it in the microwave fro 10-15 seconds would fix the problem. yes, now i know that eggs do not like to be microwaved and in protest they explode. :) so cleaning the inside of the microwave is now on my list of things to do today. :)

but in the mean time I went out around the apartment courtyards and took some pictures, discovered a pretty little hummingbird in the dogwood tree and am quite happily listening to Joanna Newsom. she is absolutely wonderful. Go to my picasa album of this day for more pictures and all the tree pictures.

speaking of wonderful, do you see the mug housing my milk??? i found it at goodwill and couldn't be more in love with it. the little chick salt and pepper shakers we got in a store at pike's market that only sold salt and pepper shakers. they chirp when you shake them. happy!

in other news my sister-in-law is going to have her baby anytime now and we are so excited. also dave and i are looking at buying this little beauty.
soooo very excited. i have high hopes. i have a very short list of cars i wish to own and the beetle is in the top 3. and to top it off it is in the exact color i have always wanted my car to be, pale sea foam green! no really! i saw an old volvo sedan years ago in this color and was smitten completely, and decided then that whatever old car i owned someday would be repainted this color! so really, you see it's kismet. i must have this car. do you hear me bank loan people? i HAVE to have this car.

well, happy sunny spring say to you all. go listen to some spritely appalachian warbling music and open all your windows. just don't cook any eggs in your own microwave or be ready for a violent protest.

my picassa album of my day is here.

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