piddlymard=cute little tiny loveliness

my dear friend made this word up while we were talking on skype last night. we (she and i and my husband) have a weekly skype date. she is living in japan for the next 2 years (plus a few months) it's always so happy and uplifting to talk with her. our conversations will bounce from deep and spiritual and rich to fun and silly and slightly off colour, wait, i mean really off colour. yeah we pretty much cross all lines in conversation. we're bad.

we had another mutual friends over for dinner last night so he joined in on the conversation too. loads of fun.

Sofie is doing well. we got her all registered yesterday and am working on insurance today. then i'll get to begin my lessons on how to drive her. yup, 28 and never learned to drive a stick shift.

today has just been lazy and calm. Listening to music, cleaning up last night's dishes, packing up some packages for friends, working on swap stuff for here. Highly recommended by the way, i mean who wouldn't love getting mail from creative crafty people? :) I'm super excited about it.

i just realized that this post is uncharacteristically void of pictures for me. Hmmm...

Well here are some things to illustrate the word of the day.

little wonderfuls i made

my alina love


  1. piddlymard must be the most wonderful adjective in all the world. can I be piddlymard? :)

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    oh my sweet, you are most definitely piddlymard

  3. Mae Jane7:08 AM

    ooh those little critters are too cute! and is that the little prince?! love it!

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    oh yes it is in fact the little prince. :) our friend lives in japan and there is a little prince/st exupery museum and village there. we can't wait to visit her as we miss her tons and want to experience with her all the wonderful things she has discovered.



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