oh today...

busy busy busy... just like the fog in "the City" (eddie izzard reference for those of you wondering. hmm, i need to tell you all of the wonderfulness of him soon.)

lots of cleaning, trip to the post office, more cleaning, watering plants both indoors and out, a little bit of craftiness, a trip to the library... But first to tell of my triumph.

I drove sofie yesterday, ALL BY MYSELF! No one else in the car, i didn't stall her, only a few bumpy starts...ok every start was bumpy, but i didn't kill her. :) And lots of smiles and thumbs up from passers by's as a result of my "learning stick shift :)" and "please give distance and have patience. thanks" notes i put up in the back window to alert everyone else on the road things might be a bit rough. but things went very smoothly and i probably didn't need them. I realized this morning that i forgot to take pictures of the signs in the window. :( oh well you'll just have to imagine the delightful disgrace of me and sofie and our signs driving all over portland. :)

and secondly to tell you of the delight of the web cams... this morning i missed the man baking bread, but the evidence of a stack of baguettes he left behind proves he was busy too. and then i look down on my vilnius street cam and there is the most wonder teenage boy totally biting it on his skate board. :) it was wonderful. I went to take a screen shot but alas the screen refreshed as i did and all i got was an empty sidewalk. but the memory will live on here. :) i think he and his girl might have wandered over to the bench behind that display case thingy.

So that is a little note from me. Happy Friday. I'm off to run lots of errands and clean like a crazy woman.

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