a man making bread

most days, at some point, i dream of living in europe again. my husband and i lived in vilnius lithuania for a year. we have been back in the states for three years now but we still miss it terribly. Next time we live in europe we'll open a coffee shop with our dear friend and i think we'll either live in Vilnius again or maybe somewhere in France.

On my google homepage i have several tabs and one tab is just for web cams from paris and vilnius. so sometimes i will leave them up all day and glance at them now and again. I'll watch the cars and small dots of people walk past cathedral square in vilnius, sit at a sidewalk cafe somewhere in paris, or watch the boulanger make bread at 75 Rue d'Auteuil. I makes me happy, in a sort of melancholy way.


  1. Mae Jane1:47 PM

    I've never been to Europe but like many other people it is definitely on the top of my list of places to go. There just seems to be something there that I can relate to so much more than here in the states.

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  3. Marjorie8:18 AM

    Oh! how perfect! I could not get the bread baking cam to load, though...I'll have to try again later as I need to see that! : )

    I found a live street cam in Key West, FL on Duval Street:

    not as quaint as bread bakers....but it has sound and everything...pretty neat! : ) I don't know why it amazes me so that the world is going on even when I can't see it! : )

  4. I stumbled upon your blog after clicking on many links this morning and I'm glad I did. Just an hour ago, before leaving for work, I was daydreaming about living in Italy. The smell of coffee in my apartment this morning reminded me of cafe life there, and I found myself aching to be back, so I loved reading this post. I'll definitely be exploring more of your posts here, fellow Portlander!



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