japanese things make me happy

this last weekend my love and i took our sofie and went on a mini road trip to Federal Way Washington. Why there you ask? To go to Daiso of course! the really big one (12,200ft2!)that makes me hyperventilate a bit is about 4 1/2 hours away in Bellingham , bit too much for us to venture to half way through a saturday so we settled for the biggest one this side of seattle, (6,000ft2)which was Federal Way. I would have many many pictures posted here but i promised my husband he could post the blog entry about our trip. His blog is mostly deep thinking things and poetry and mine all the crafty things i do and fun things we do together so he was dying for something fun and light to grace his blog. :) So go to his blog to see all the goodies we acquired.

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  1. Marjorie1:07 PM

    I'm loving the bunny bowls!! So adorable! Japanese things make me happy, too! : ) And my husband is a VW nut! He has owned 2 so far ( named Chester and Precious Roy, respectively.)



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