Oh, I am sorry blogland-ites...

oh, i AM a bad girl not blogging for so long.

So... let's see...

I have a been a busy little budding artist and crafter and seamstress. My hope is to have an etsy shop up with in a month. My friend theresa and I and trying real hard to get some stuff made. :) Schedule and money permitting anyway. Little pendants and pins, felt creatures, felted hair clips and lapel pins, maybe some art cards of some paintings I have been working on. oh, and eventually bags, wallets, wrist cuffs too. We decided on a business name and have a etsy shop, blog, e-mail address, picassa, and flicker sites all in said name. Once they are beautified and ready for public consumption I'll let you all know and then you can tell all your lovlie friends about it.

Hmmm... what else.

Reading lot's of blogs, finding lot's of fun through them. Art blogs, craft blogs, cupcake blogs. Oh yes and speaking of cupcakes, become obsessed with them recently. No, really, i am. It's my favorite desert to make for us, for company, for a filler of free time. :) Here are some of my very favorite blogs.

inside a black apple
some girls wander by mistake
posie gets cozy
cupcake bakeshop
cupcakes take the cake

In other happenings, we are re arranging and moving things about the apartment again. Cheaper and less stressful than moving for sure. I am making curtains for every room in the house! I'm crazy curtain making sewer girl! I also have grand plans for a skirt for the bed and one for the bathroom sink and one for the bakers rack/island in the kitchen. So we'll see about all that. Here are the best fabric sites in the whole entire world of fabric sites!

sew mama sew

Well. I think that is enough for this post. I have a feeling i will be posting more of the like with lots of fun sites to visit in them.

I'll leave you with this...
the cutest cupcake lover in the world, found on the cupcakes take the cake site.

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