My sweet sweet husband

My love just bought me these. He knows me oh so well. :)

Oh, yes! That's right! Hedgehogs saying Hello! Bonjour!

Now, for my next purchase on my list of hopes is this little lovely.

It is by one of my very favorite artists, Emily Martin.
here is her etsy site...
and her blog.
Hopefully I'll get them next month.

Today we are hoping to get 36 wooden picture frames we scored on craig's list all painted black and start the process of filling them with wonderful things for the big thorn-in-my-side wall in our bedroom. It's just this big giant awkward wall that we've never done anything with and finally i have had enough. I'll post pictures when we finish it. We're going to paint too.

A while ago we painted the bedroom red, not having any sort of plan other than we like red. That is after we had originally painted it deep brown and sky blue, again with no plan other than we liked those colors. Now we have decided, so as to make the wonderful red chair we found on the side of the road and beautiful duvet cover we bought after moving in here 3 years ago get the attention they deserve, we are going to paint the room a wonderful earthy celery/yellowish/muted green, kind of like her eyes above. And we'll put a pale yellow slip cover on the couch. I love the upholstery but it doesn't go with the chair and the rest of the room. So very excited. Finally a room that feels done and decorated and like something you'd want to spend time in.

And, finally, here is one more picture to an already over pictured bog post. A bit of cuteness for the day.

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