happy sick day

so i have a minor stomach flu. not too bad so that i can't move but bad enough that i don't really want to eat, or am able to for that matter.

So I am sitting in my room with lovely music, (sol seppy, imogen heap, bjork, innocence mission, regina spektor, mùm, jenny lewis, edith piaf, my brightest diamond... really i could go on for ever just about music, but i am rabbit trailing), reading my library books, (Very Long Engagement and A Well Kept Home) and having a cute grey kitten curled up in my lap, and chatting on the computer with my husband while he is at work. AND the mail was extra kind to me today. I got this lovely shirt from alloy which i have been waiting for forever it seems. I really do need this one now too so i can be the cutest gingerbread girl ever. I returned a pair of jeans that were too short and got that shirt and this necklace. It hasn't arrived, but that will be another happy mail day.

We also got a lovely little pink box from our sweet Alina, who is in Japan teaching english to sweet children and adults. I am not allowed to open it yet as Dave is still at work. :( sorrow and sadness, but i guess it will make the opening all the sweeter.

pictures of my sick day

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