haven't seen you for ages

been a while since I've felt like writing.

So as far as mundane life stuff here goes....In no particular order.

Fish died and we buried him under the jasmine bush. i cried, a lot.

We acquired a 2 month old little grey kitten and named 'him' piccoli after a book our dear friend loaned us to read. Then found out later 'he' was a she, which is good cause the character the name came from was a girl anyway.. :)

re-arranged the house so we don't have to move. :) I get restless if i am in one place to long.

we are now the proud keepers of a piano, on indefinite loan from a friend.

about a week ago our car decided it would be a good idea to pour light grey smoke out the back halfway up the hill at OHSU. Yeah, that was fun. Luckily we were planning on selling it at the end of the summer any way and it was only caused by a burst water hose. So... we sold it. So we have no car. at all. it feels wonderful.

We decided we really need to find a church in Portland. We have felt this coming for a bit now and the car was the confirmation we needed. This also feels wonderful.

i turned 28. yup. but I am no wiser or do i feel any different. well, not because of the birthday any way.

Hmmm, what else?

We got new dishes and they are pretty and old and wonderful. they make me happy.

i discovered the albina press and will never be satisfied with another coffee shop again, except fresh pot. :)

I need to find a job in Portland. the 45+ min commute to gresham is killing me. As is the menu full of flavored mochas that we serve. :) but that is just me being a snob i guess. :) Well, no, i really am dying a bit i think in heart spark and eye sparkle.

Well, that is all i can think of for now. :) Today Dave and i will go look for a bike for me for my birthday present and have a lovely lazy saturday. most likely will end up at the fresh pot at some point. maybe might even possibly eat something while we are walking about and generally pretend we are parisans.

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  1. Sorry about your fish.Your cat---sounds adorable. Good luck with your job. Thrilled to find another weasel. My blog is La Belette Rouge--the red weasel.



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