An important night

A friend of Dave's and mine informed us about this organization/documentary/event. Please go to thier site and lean about it. Please if you heart feels like this is something that you could support, do. Find your city and get involved. It's one night that can really do something to change a desperate situation.


Date: Apr 6, 2006 1:16 PM


i bet a ton of you have a lot of questions...
are we going to be safe?
what if it rains?
where do we meet to walk to the square?
what do we do once we get there?
will there be food?
stuff to drink?
what do we bring?
why are we doing this?

i can't answer all of those questions yet, but i am in contact with san diego, and with the city authorities in portland. we are working to make the night commute as safe and impactful as possible!
it is going to be AWESOME!!!
i can, however, answer the 'why' question...

we are going downtown to sleep in pioneer square because, every night in uganda, children must walk from their villages into the downtown city areas and sleep. they do not have much choice. it is that or get kidnapped by soldiers from a rebel army.

if they are kidnapped, they are either killed, used as sex slaves, or brainwashed and forced to become soldiers themselves.

this rebel army instigated a civil war 22 years ago that has gained almost no international attention until now. theirs has been a campaign of bloodshed, violence and destruction.

because of this, we (that is, over 15,000 people in 136 cities around the world) are marching to downtown public areas, and sleeping, just like the kids in uganda.

we are doing this to draw international attention to the conflict. we are doing this to tell our governments to get involved and end the war, end the bloodshed and kidnapping and rape.

your participation is treasured and valuable. but it is not enough. we need the participation of your friends, your parents, your kids, your siblings, your co-workers.

please, tell everyone you know. get them signed up and registered at

as they register, their names are added to a petition that will be submitted to the government, in an appeal for the end of this war.

thank you.

-gnc portland

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