The omniscience of John Tesh and goodness of steamed pork buns

Dave and I had an impromptu date night tonight. A new Asian super grocery store opened near our apartment on 82nd between Division and Powell. So we decided to go and buy dinner stuff there. We got there and it is HUGE and wonderful. I think we were both smiling the entire time. It was incredible. rows and rows of every unidentifiable asian ingredient ever imagined and a deli and a produce section and a live fish and shellfish section and dishes and cookware and frozen goodies. A thing of beauty. We got wasabi peas, friggen huge pork buns,

dumplings, and stuff to make Pho, some really yummy looking kung pow sauce, and Super Apple Candy-It's So Wonderful Candy,

and tapioca pearls and gummies to make homemade bubble tea, and fried tofu. Oh, it was so much fun and I am going to have so much fun cooking with it all over the next few days. And as it wouldn't be a good grocery store with out some smooth jazz or adult contemporary music playing over head, they had piped in K103fm. We were treated to the John Tesh show during our shopping experience.

Guess what? John Tesh knows everything. I mean it, he knows everything about everything and has all your answers for a perfect life. So the way his shows works is in between each set of songs "John Tesh brings great ideas and suggestions on living life to its fullest...He plays all the best of the EZ Rock music and adds his own brand of humour!" "It's the music, interviews with the top celebrities, the hottest entertainment news, and intelligence for your life. Plus, the ultimate host, John Tesh!"

Do you hear that people? THE ULTIMATE HOST. He really is. We heard such deep wisdom as, "If diets were easy, they wouldn't be called diets theyd be called lunch. ", and "Guess what if you live near a church, youre less likely to be involved a car accident!", "Is it OK to eat the dusty white film that sometimes collects on top of a chocolate bar?", and also "Are you depressed or feeling sick? Well, the reason youre feeling punky may be that youre too focused on money.". We also heard him tackle everything from how to relate to your teens, to how to handle dating now that your older, the best tips for dieting- "thinking thin thoughts", managing stress, making your mate happy, and conquering phobias and fears. It was phenomenal.

So that shopping trip had the potential to give me all the tools needed for a perfect and happy life. I bet you too can be changed by the grand Tesh himself. Then you can buy the shirt and mug and all the cd's and join the fan club and the street team for all his concerts. Then go get some wasabi peas and friggen huge pork buns from Fubonn Supermarket.

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